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Q "I need to buy some pieces of the (More...)

Delivery of Elia Cutlery Maypole Cutlery

(17th October 2018 09:25)
Q "Please give me the cost and delivery cost for (More...)

Elia Maypolemist cutlery availability

(4th December 2017 10:36)
Q Hi. Do you have (More...)

Elia Sirocco Cutlery - 60 piece set

(18th September 2017 11:16)
Q Hello I believe I have some (More...)

Elia Levite Cutlery - 60 piece set

(25th July 2017 11:14)
Q Hello, I'm just e-mailing to ask if you have the (More...)

Elia Longbeach Cutlery pieces

(16th May 2017 11:19)
Q Hi I have a set of Nick Holland Cutlery - (More...)

Individual pieces of Elia Maypole Cutlery

(20th January 2017 16:10)
Q I see that you sell sets of the (More...)

Elia Halo Cutlery 24 piece set

(22nd September 2016 11:02)
Q Hello, I am looking for this item, and found it on your website: Elia Halo 24 Piece Cutlery Set £84.99 . Can you please... (More...)

Elia Virtu Cutlery and trade prices

(13th July 2016 06:27)
Q I run a B&B and am looking for some good-looking cutlery. I have seen the Elia Virtu Cutlery set and (More...)
Q Hi there - interested in Elia Glacier table knives, forks and teaspoons. Is 12 the minimum order or is it possible to purchase 8 of... (More...)
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