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Why By Number?

An exciting range of clean, crisp oil lamps manufactured in Denmark from stainless steel and glass.

Innovative products for contemporary dining. Developed with the intention of making everyday articles more user friendly and beautiful.

A brilliant example of which would be the table and floorstanding candlesticks conceived by designer Paul Stilling. The perfect way to make your dinner party setting stand out!

If you are after a more intimate understated mood their range of frosted glass oil lamps are beyond compare for table lighting that creates a warm delicate ambience.

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Why Ego?

EGO are a team of Danish designers who strive to change small objects in our homes to create unconventional luxuries that people will love to touch, hold and use.

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Why Elia?

Elia are the makers of fine china and high quality cutlery.

The Elia ceramic range, was designed to be not just contemporary and minimal, but also warm and sophisticated. The perfect medium to achieve this is fine china with it's soft, timeless cream colour glaze.

The Miravell range has been made from Fine Bone China, with an amazing 50% bone ash content to ensure a smooth as silk finish to each item.

The Fine China pieces, contain slightly less bone ash in their clay, but retain the spirit of the style and have a fully vitrified body that is both microwave and dishwasher safe.

Elia also offer an outstanding choice of cutlery. From the contemporary to the traditional, be it casual dining or a la carte, the many elegant designs ensure dinning in style and will add flair to the table for just about any occasion. Manufactured in 18/0 and 18/10 Stainless Steel, ranges include both mirror shining and subtle satin finishes. Excellent quality and durability is assured, whatever the setting.

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Why Kuchenprofi?

Kuchenprofi is German quality and engineering at its best. Their range is continually updated with exciting new products - so watch this space as we add in more and more!

Established in 1923, the company draws on many years of engineering, production and design expertise which is why the products consistently well made, with a real eye for detail

Only recently imported into the UK, we think that the Kuchenprofi kitchenware and household range has a real future here. Its the kind of product we like to stock:

  • consistently well manufactured
  • quality products, designed to last and still look good
  • carefully designed to be both visually attractive and highly functionality

Highly recommended and comes with a 1 year warranty on cookware.

The mills we feature have a 20 years warranty for domestic use.

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Why Moha?

The continuous introduction of many well designed and yet highly functional products has greatly enhanced the Moha range whilst keeping it refreshing and exciting.

Moha acrylic cutting boards are available in a range of sizes and styles and are particularly recommended by Gustav Emil Ern for use with their knives. These lightweight boards will not blunt knives or absorb smells. They are exceptionally hygienic and are ideal as bar or serving boards as well.

Moha?s stylish salad spinners are big hits in this range too. Designed to function as well as they look.

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Why Patent?

Patent Design a/s is a perfect example of unique, functional and patented products, which are all developed with the purpose of giving complete owner satisfaction. The development process always starts with the purpose of the product and thereafter details are combined with timeless design. The details make the difference and therefore "Details Matter".

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Why PEJ?

P.E.J is an innovative design company creating and developing a sophisticated range of home ware and kitchen accessories. With Danish design and heritage P.E.J is part of a strong tradition of designer talent, creativity and ambition to provide you with the very best.

We love their stylish solutions as typified by their Kitchen Roll Holders, and their design flair; who would have thought the humble rolling pin could be redesigned as a thing of beauty?

P.E.J. have pulled it off with a beautiful piece of tapered beechwood, which actually makes for greater ease of use than a traditional shape.

Currently the majority of the P.E.J. range we stock has been designed by Marcus Vagnby who belongs to the new generation of Danish designers. Marcus is still studying design, yet his work with P.E.J. is testament to his prodigious talent.

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Why PO:?

PO:, the Danish designers, take their name from a word coined by Edward de Bono meaning an alternative way of thinking. Rather than locking themselves into existing patterns and traditions, PO: are always designing new and innovative forms.

Quadrat is a collection of more than 20 products in anodized aluminium, conceived by award-winning Designer Frank Kerdil, to reflect the way in which modern homes are decorated. This collection has many forms - from fruit bowls, to shelves, to key holders - and can be combined and used almost everywhere in the home.

Frank's bold re-imagining of the fruit bowl as a collection of 'posts' typifies their design style and innovative approach.

The best-selling Quadrat series has been expanded to include a range in beech wood, under the title of Square.

Square as a range has a warmer, softer appeal than the aluminium range and is ideal for those looking to create a feeling of warmth in their home.

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Why Staub?

The Staub family business was launched as a cookware store in Alsace, France in 1974 by the charismatic Francis Staub. Now over thirty years later, the company stands as the undisputed leader of culinary cast iron in France and Europe, and its products are sold in over 50 countries worldwide.

Used by some of the most celebrated chefs in the world including Paul Bocuse, Thomas Keller, Jean Joho and Joel Robuchon, the Staub cookware combines the traditional cast iron material, with the modern technology. Its technically advanced design actually helps to enhance the flavours of the dish.

Staub cookware is completely unique:

  • black mat enamel coating makes it indestructible and highly chip resistant and keeps it from discolouring
  • cast iron cookware retains the heat beautifully, keeping the dish warm long after the cooking process
  • retains heat and distributes it evenly, making the food more consistent in texture and taste.
  • special ceramic bottom makes it suitable for all types of cooking surfaces
  • attractive appearance make it possible for the dish to go straight from the stove to the table.

Staub products undergo some of the most rigorous tests possible in order to guarantee their long-lasting performance.

Each product is unique in terms of close detail and appearance. Slight imperfections may therefore appear.

These imperfections are not in any way flaws, but simply reflect the qualities of enamel craftsmanship, combining handmade artistry with modern, sturdy production. The flavour of your food will not be affected.

Lifetime warranty

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Why Zak! Designs?

Zak! Designs melamine dinnerware and picnicware is instantly attractive with its bright colours and modern designs. We offer it to our customers because of its visual appeal and its assured quality - no cheap, easily breakable melamine.

Zak Designs is an US company, established in the 1970s by Irv Zakheim who remains at the helm of the company. European head office is in Switzerland.

This is what Zak say about their commitment to quality:

#:#:#~LT~#:#:#p"We understand that people have choices in the products they purchase, and we are committed to delivering products that meet high standards of quality at affordable prices. Zak Designs has never been, and will never be, a company that cuts corners for the sake of profit, and we go to great lengths to ensure that the products we manufacture continually meet our high standard of quality."

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